Welcome to Babadoo Records

Babadoo is an independent Record Company.

Babadoo is established & created by Henrik Bie; that have a vast and insightful knowledge within the Music commerce, stretching from the TV & Radio industry, Music Productions, Concerts in Japan, USA and Central America –

He had Music studios in Central America, specialized in Studio Pre & Post Productions for commercials, documentaries as well as interactive music equipment demo and sales representatives for Yamaha Music Latin America.

The main purpose of Babadoo Records is to enhance the possibilities and distribution of independent artists, the intention is the opportunity to release unique and specialised music productions to the “still” small but devoted audience out there; we don’t depend on mass commercialised sales for success, rather on the quality and specialised music performances.

The focus is not towards the vinyl, CD or psychical productions nor commercialised marked. We concentrate on the distribution to all digital Medias World Wide thinkable, giving our musicians much more scope for experimentation and artistic independence.

Babadoo is an independent recording and production label with a strong teamwork and world wide networking, do the productions stay at low cost and gives prospects for other categories and styles.